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Quality policy

All actions of those of us who make up TAGSONOMY S.L., hereinafter DIVE, are aimed at satisfying the needs of our stakeholders with our services for the development, installation, and parameterization of software solutions for the detection, verification, recognition, and advanced analysis of objects and people through images and video.

To reinforce our commitment to Quality, the Organization has decided to implement a Quality Management System, in accordance with the international standard UNE-EN-ISO 9001:2015. This implementation involves complying with applicable regulatory and legal requirements, as well as a commitment to continuous improvement.

Specifically, DIVE’s Management Policy is defined as:

  • Commitment to the customer to provide the necessary and appropriate solutions to their circumstances, maintaining the relationship over time and fostering trust in the Quality and Excellence of our work.
  • Effective allocation of functions and responsibilities so that the concept of quality is present at all levels and activities.
  • Raising awareness and motivating staff about the importance of implementing and developing a Management System, ensuring their training for the proper performance of their activities within the organization.
  • Implementing and maintaining internal management and control measures to meet requirements and continuously improve the effectiveness of the Quality system, thereby ensuring the satisfaction of our customers.

Considering these guidelines, this management reiterates its strongest commitment by uniting efforts to achieve these objectives, which is why this policy is understood, implemented, and kept up to date at all levels of the organization.

Madrid, January 2, 2021

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