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About us

We strive to translate the latest technological advances into tangible, measurable, and scalable solutions for our clients.

Dive combines a broad and innovative trajectory that has been pioneering in the field of artificial intelligence with a deep understanding of business needs. Our team has over 20 years of experience in adopting and adapting machine learning and AI for business decision-making.
Over the years, we have researched and developed Computer Vision projects with our own technology, and this experience is also reflected in Decision Making projects where machine learning models play a key role. Since the arrival of LLM models, we also advise and implement Generative Artificial Intelligence projects that in some cases complement the previous solutions.

Our History

Dive mission
To be the bridge that connects the aspirations of companies and institutions with the transformative capabilities of Artificial Intelligence, paving the way towards a sustainable and innovative future in Spain, Latin America, and the rest of our global environment.
To provide a robust structure both for organizations and our society so that they can reach their full potential through Artificial Intelligence, always with a deep commitment to sustainability and global well-being.

Pioneering Vision

At Dive, we take the lead by adopting, since the mid-1990s, machine learning solutions for business decision-making based on advanced data analytics. An experience that we put at the service of our clients and projects.

Pragmatic Innovation

Innovation at DIVE results in tangible and measurable outcomes. There are few companies in the field of AI that have been creators of both analysis methodologies and proprietary commercial products. Dive has contributions in both areas.

Commitment to Transparency

Understanding the state of the art allows us to validate the feasibility of a solution for a client, assuming the commitment to state when something cannot be done and being educational in explaining the reasons.

Focus on Social Impact

Beyond commercial objectives, there is a commitment to aligning with the needs of people, society, and the environment. As AI develops and integrates more into our lives and systems, concern about how these technologies affect people, communities, and the planet has become central.

Our Team

It is the people behind the technology that truly drive innovation and bring our solutions to life.

Commitment to Innovation

At Dive, innovation is at the core of our strategy to transform how companies operate and compete in the digital age. Our vision of innovation combines advances in artificial intelligence with practical applications that solve real business problems, ensuring that each solution is not only technologically advanced but also relevant and applicable in real business scenarios.

Our Approach to Innovation

At Dive, every innovation starts with a deep understanding of the market needs and the specific challenges of our clients. We use a data-driven approach to develop solutions that are not only new but also provide proven improvements in efficiency, cost, and performance.

Example: “Development of our computer vision system that reduces processing times and enhances accuracy for inspection tasks in industrial processes.
Co-creation is fundamental in our innovation process. We work hand in hand with our clients during product development to ensure that the solutions perfectly align with their operations and business strategies.
Example: Our collaborative project with ISPD to integrate marketing mix models that improve the allocation of advertising budgets and maximize ROI.
We adopt the latest technologies and methodologies in AI, from machine learning to generative AI and decision making, to keep our clients at the forefront of innovation.” Example: “Implementation of generative models that customize the customer experience in real-time in the retail sector.
Operational Improvements:

Describe how our innovations have transformed our clients’ operations, with specific data on improvements in efficiency, cost reduction, and resource optimization.

Featured Case Study: Use of Generative Artificial Intelligence for an electric company. Automate and optimize interactions. On one hand, reduce the involvement of people in interactions of lesser complexity and added value. On the other hand, standardize and optimize responses, proposals, and arguments of human operators under the criterion of expected value.

At Dive, we transform the complexity of artificial intelligence into accessible and powerful solutions that adapt to people, organizations, and our environment, aiding in the adaptation to business needs. If you are ready to explore how the latest AI innovation can be specifically applied to enhance processes and tackle the most complex challenges your company faces, we invite you to contact us today.
Our team of experts is prepared to work with you to identify improvement opportunities and design tailored solutions that not only meet current needs but also anticipate future market challenges.

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