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Our team

It's the people behind the technology who truly drive innovation and bring our solutions to life.

At Dive, we understand that technology alone is not enough to lead the artificial intelligence industry. It is the people behind the technology who truly drive innovation and bring our solutions to life. Therefore, we place special emphasis on cultivating a team that is not only highly qualified but also deeply committed to our values of integrity, innovation, and impact.

Each member of Dive is selected not only for their technical excellence but also for their ability to think critically and structurally about how AI can best serve society.

From our engineers and data scientists to our management team, everyone shares a common commitment to developing AI solutions that are as powerful as they are responsible.

We promote an environment where continuous learning is part of our day-to-day and where each challenge is seen as an opportunity to advance.

Mutual support and collaboration are fundamental in our work, allowing Dive not only to remain a leader in the industry but also a pioneer in the ethical application of artificial intelligence.


José Luis Flórez
Adriana Salabert
Directora de Operaciones
Marie Claude Belda
Directora Comercial
Jesús Figueres
Director de Innovación
Juan Pedro Churruca
Luisma Valencia
Director de Marketing
Alberto Sáez
System Lead
Alejandro Fortea
Data Analyst
Ana Maqueda
Data Scientist
Carlos Sánchez
Data Scientist
Daniel Miranda
Controller Financiero
José Ángel Fernández
Data Analyst
José Carlos González
Data Scientist
Julio Albertos
Data Scientist
Ludovico Gandolfi
Data Scientist
Matias Peirano
Data Scientist
Miguel López
Technical Lead
Rafael Comendador
Project Manager
Samuel Halstead
Backend Developer
Serge Chavez
Data Scientist