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South Summit 2024

South Summit

We were fortunate to participate in South Summit 2024, a gathering in Madrid that brings together a large part of the Spanish entrepreneurial ecosystem, joined year after year by both large and smaller international companies.

Our colleague Ludovico Gandolfi was able to “defend the company’s colors,” accompanied by our Director of Marketing and Communication, Luisma Hernández, in the session organized by CEEI ASTURIAS and ASTUREX (Sociedad de Promoción Exterior Principado de Asturias, S.A.) at South Summit. In this first round, we shared the space with Pragmatech AI Solutions, Eterna Diagnostics, and 8y5 digital studio.

What is Dive? What is our value proposition? Where are we helping the companies we work with? Generative Artificial Intelligence? Computer Vision? Decision Making?

Thank you, Ludovico, for conveying to all attendees the essence of Dive, your role within the company, the projects we are working on, and the business lines in which the entire team is involved, helping day by day to build a more solid project.

When you share moments like this with the team, you also discover other facets of the people who make it up. We’ll save for another time the fact that Ludovico plays the bass and is the second vocalist in a music band.

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