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Intelligences created by and for humans

We empower organizations and societies to reach their fullest potential through AI.

Dive blends an extensive track record of pioneering innovation in the field of artificial intelligence with a deep understanding of business needs. Our team has more than 20 years of experience adopting and adapting machine learning and AI for business decision-making.

Our approach to innovation is pragmatic: we strive to translate the latest technological advancements into tangible, measurable and scalable solutions for our clients.


Elevating Organizations

At Dive, we empower businesses by embedding AI into their core functions, reinventing  how they connect with customers, manage their operations, and govern their processes. This drives efficiency, enhances engagement, and instills transparency across organizational structures.


Empowering People

Dive envisions a future where AI significantly enhances human potential, health, and safety. We are dedicated to developing solutions that amplify human capabilities and ensure well-being, leading to a society where technology truly complements the human spirit.

Our Planet

Safeguarding Our Planet

Dive’s commitment to the planet is unwavering. Leveraging AI, we are crafting groundbreaking solutions that address global environmental challenges. Our aim is to ensure a balanced ecosystem where technology plays a pivotal role in preserving and nurturing our planet for future generations.

Our promises:
AI for a humanized world

Pioneering Vision

At Dive we went ahead by adopting, since the mid-90s, machine learning solutions for business decision-making based on advanced data analytics. An experience that we put at the service of our clients and projects.

Pragmatic Innovation

Innovation at DIVE translates into tangible and measurable results. There are few companies in the field of AI that have created both analysis methodologies and their own commercial products. Dive has contributions in both areas in its history.

Commitment to Transparency

Understanding the state of the art allows us to validate the feasibility or not of a solution for a client, assuming the commitment to say that something cannot be done while being didactic in explaining the causes.

Focus on Social Impact

Beyond commercial objectives, there is a commitment to aligning with the needs of people, society and the environment. As AI develops and becomes more integrated into our lives and systems, concern about how these technologies affect people, communities and the planet has become central.

our approach

In every algorithm we design at DIVE, there is a heartbeat, a passion. It's not just technology, it's a promise. A promise of a world in which AI overcomes technological barriers and becomes a manifestation of our deepest values. With each challenge we face, we not only look for solutions, but transformations full of essence.

José Luis Flórez

Dive CEO & Founder

Generative AI Association board member

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