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Marketing Mix Modeling


Neinver, a prominent company in the shopping center sector, faced the challenge of measuring and optimizing the contribution of its advertising mix to visits to its establishments. The collaboration with Dive implemented an advanced Marketing Mix Modeling solution and an intuitive Dashboard, enabling Neinver to maximize the effectiveness of its advertising investment and improve strategic decision-making.


Transformation of Advertising Strategy at Neinver

Project Overview:

Neinver needed a robust methodology to understand the impact of its advertising investment on the influx of visitors to its shopping centers. Dive developed an advanced Marketing Mix model, complemented by a Dashboard for real-time tracking of investments and their correlation with visits, providing a solid foundation for decision-making and media investment optimization.

What Solutions Did We Implement?

Dive addressed the challenge by implementing a Marketing Mix model, which evaluates the incremental effect of advertising on generating visits and the individualized impact of each element of the advertising mix. The project included the development of a custom Dashboard for tracking business evolution, allowing Neinver to access critical insights for strategic planning and budget allocation. The solution was designed to be scalable, starting with a pilot in two centers in Spain and planned to expand across Europe.

Technology for Specialized Services:

We used a time-series-based approach and advanced mathematical models for baseline estimation and global impact measurement. The Dashboard integrates data from multiple sources, including advertising investments, significant events, and weather conditions, using cutting-edge technologies for data processing and visualization.


Achievements in Marketing Mix Modeling with Neinver


The implementation of the model and Dashboard provided Neinver with a deep understanding of the return on its media investment, enabling more informed and strategic budget allocation. Real-time visibility of key KPIs was achieved, enhancing decision-making agility and optimizing the marketing strategy for maximum impact on visits to shopping centers.
Our Clients Speak for Us:

Neinver has acknowledged the effectiveness of Dive’s solutions, highlighting the improvement in the accuracy of its advertising planning and the ability to quickly adapt to market trends. The collaboration with Dive has been crucial in transforming their marketing approach, driving sustained growth and strengthening their position in the sector.

Why Dive?

Dive stands out for its innovative and personalized approach in applying artificial intelligence and advanced analytics to solve complex business challenges. Our mission is to empower companies like Neinver to make the most of their data, transform their strategies, and achieve new levels of success in a competitive environment.

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