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Automation with AI


Repsol, a leader in the energy sector, faced challenges in optimizing its acidolysis process, a critical procedure requiring precision and efficiency. The collaboration with Dive introduced an artificial intelligence and robotics solution, transforming this process through automation and significantly improving safety and productivity.


Transformation in Acidolysis with AI and Robotics

Project Overview:

In partnership with Dive, Repsol addressed the challenges of its acidolysis process, which required constant and precise manual intervention to introduce foam rubber into a reactor, a process fraught with risks and inefficiencies. The goal was to automate this task, maintaining safety and increasing operational efficiency.

What Solutions Did We Implement?

Dive developed an integrated system combining computer vision (CV) and a collaborative robot (EVA) to automate the introduction of foam rubber into the reactor. An architecture was established that included the detection and weighing of the foam rubber, along with an automated feeding mechanism ensuring process precision and consistency. This system not only improved safety by eliminating the technician’s exposure to toxic gases but also optimized the precision and repeatability of the process.

Technology for Specialized Services:

We used advanced technologies such as the CQRS pattern for command and query responsibility segregation, and a video streaming system to monitor and adjust the process in real-time. The implementation also included OCR for reading the scale and a DL model for foam rubber detection, facilitating precise and autonomous process control.


Achievements in Automation with Repsol


The solution implemented by Dive achieved a significant reduction in operation time, increased the precision of the acidolysis process, and improved safety conditions for the technicians. These advancements represented a significant milestone in Repsol’s process efficiency, demonstrating the potential of AI and robotics in the energy industry.

Our Clients Speak for Us:

Repsol has highlighted the effectiveness of the implemented solution, emphasizing the improvements in safety, efficiency, and process precision. Dive’s adaptability and innovation have enabled Repsol to move towards greater automation, setting new standards of excellence in its operations.

Why Dive?
Dive stands out for its personalized approach and ability to develop AI solutions that address specific industry challenges. Our mission is to transform the operational processes of our clients, maximizing efficiency and productivity through innovation in artificial intelligence and robotics.

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