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Banco Santander:
Intelligent Customer Service


Client Description and Challenge

Banco Santander, one of the world’s leading banks, faced the challenge of managing a large volume of customer service calls. The need was to implement an STT (Speech To Text) system capable of diarizing audio transcriptions efficiently and accurately, improving service quality and reducing response times.


Design of a Scalable and Customizable STT System

Project Overview

Dive collaborated with Banco Santander to design and implement an advanced Speech To Text (STT) system. The objective was to develop a solution capable of managing the bank’s high call volume, accurately transcribing audio, and being adaptable to different productive environments within the organization.

What Solutions Did We Implement?

In the first phase of the project, Dive conducted a thorough benchmark of the state-of-the-art STT technologies, analyzing 17 technological solutions under various business and technical criteria. Public datasets in multiple languages were used for evaluation. Among the evaluated technologies, the best options were selected for public cloud (Azure), service (Speechmatics), and open-source (OpenAI Whisper medium).

In the second phase, Dive designed a scalable and customizable system that allowed implementation in productive environments. A proof of concept (POC) was conducted with real data from Banco Santander’s call center using two of the selected technologies (Azure and Whisper) to extract real performance metrics.

Technology for Specialized Services

The selected solutions utilized advanced Deep Learning techniques for speech recognition. Models based on algorithms that identify patterns in the audio were developed, enabling high-accuracy transcription of dialogues. Additionally, Generative AI techniques were implemented to generate additional volumes of data necessary for model training.


Achievements in Intelligent Customer Service with Banco Santander


The implementation of Dive’s STT system resulted in significant improvements in Banco Santander’s customer service quality. Accurate transcription of calls was achieved, allowing agents to focus on higher-value tasks. Additionally, the system’s scalability ensured that the bank could manage the growing call volume seamlessly, improving operational efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Why Dive?

Dive stands out for its innovative and personalized approach to applying artificial intelligence and advanced analytics to solve complex problems in the financial sector. Our mission is to empower companies to make the most of their data, transform their strategies, and achieve new levels of success in a competitive environment.


Our Clients’ Experience Speaks for Us

Banco Santander highlighted the effectiveness of the solutions implemented by Dive, mentioning the improvement in transcription accuracy and the system's capability to handle large volumes of data. The flexibility and adaptability of the solution have been key to meeting the bank's specific needs.

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