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Eco-Efficient Smart Plants


Airbus, a global leader in the aerospace industry, faced the challenge of real-time monitoring of emissions and environmental impact from its production lines. In collaboration with Dive, Airbus implemented a computer vision solution to meet its “High5+” goals for 2030, enhancing safety, operational excellence, and environmental sustainability.


Transformation in Environmental Monitoring with Computer Vision

Project Overview

The Manufacturing Engineering team at ODRM in Airbus wanted to apply a computer vision solution to monitor in real-time the emissions and environmental impact produced by its production activities. The project aimed to meet the company’s “High5+” goals for 2030, including reducing Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) emissions, waste, energy, and water consumption, and ensuring Industrial Operational Excellence (IOE).

What Solutions Did We Implement?

Dive developed a computer vision solution that monitors emissions and waste in real-time at Airbus plants. The implementation included a control dashboard displaying significant data and alerts to ensure the correct use of chemical products and proper waste segregation.

  • VOC Monitoring: The solution monitors products used according to the SOI/Operation, displaying alerts if the product used is incorrect or if the product packaging is not properly closed. It also shows the percentage of chemical wipes used compared to the liquid solution.
  • Waste Monitoring: The solution tracks waste to prevent improper segregation. The dashboard shows warnings if the product was segregated incorrectly and the amount of product segregated per container, as well as the estimated container capacity reached.

Technology for Specialized Services

We utilized advanced computer vision algorithms to analyze data from cameras installed on the production lines. These algorithms detect the incorrect use of products and improper waste segregation, sending real-time alerts to the control dashboard. The solution also includes predictive analytics to estimate the capacity of waste containers and prevent overflows.


Achievements in Environmental Monitoring with Airbus


The solution implemented by Dive significantly improved operator safety by ensuring emission control in the plant and the correct use of chemical products according to work instructions. It also contributed to operational excellence and the achievement of Airbus’s “High5+” goals for 2030, including reducing VOC emissions, waste, CO2 consumption, energy, and water.

Our Clients’ Experience Speaks for Us

Airbus has highlighted the effectiveness of the solution implemented by Dive, noting improvements in safety, operational excellence, and environmental sustainability. Dive’s adaptability and innovation have enabled Airbus to advance toward its 2030 sustainability goals, setting new standards of excellence in its manufacturing operations.

Why Dive?

Dive stands out for its personalized approach and its ability to develop AI solutions that address specific industry challenges. Our mission is to transform our clients’ operational processes, maximizing efficiency and sustainability through innovation in artificial intelligence and computer vision.

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