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AI Automation


Endesa, a leader in the energy sector, faced challenges in optimizing the safety monitoring of their maintenance operations at substations. The collaboration with Dive introduced an AI and computer vision solution that automated the detection of safety violations, significantly enhancing safety and operational efficiency.


Transformation in Safety Monitoring with AI and Robotics

Project Overview

In partnership with Dive, Endesa tackled the challenge of manually monitoring safety compliance during maintenance operations at their substations. The goal was to automate this task, ensuring safety and increasing operational efficiency.

What Solutions Did We Implement?

Dive developed an integrated system combining computer vision (CV) and an automated monitoring solution to detect safety violations. The system involved installing cameras to monitor the maintenance area and using AI to analyze the footage for safety violations. The AI was trained to detect specific safety breaches, such as workers entering restricted zones without proper authorization. This setup not only improved safety by reducing the need for manual monitoring but also enhanced the precision and consistency of safety compliance checks.

Technology for Specialized Services

We used advanced technologies such as the CQRS pattern for command-query separation and a video streaming system to monitor and adjust the process in real-time. The implementation included Optical Character Recognition (OCR) for reading scales and a deep learning model for detecting specific objects, ensuring precise and autonomous control of the safety monitoring process.


Achievements in IA Automation with Endesa


The solution implemented by Dive significantly reduced the operational time, increased the accuracy of safety monitoring, and improved working conditions for technicians. These advancements marked a significant milestone in the efficiency of Endesa’s safety processes, demonstrating the potential of AI and computer vision in the energy industry.

Customer Experience

Endesa highlighted the effectiveness of the implemented solution, noting improvements in safety, efficiency, and accuracy. Dive’s adaptability and innovation allowed Endesa to advance towards greater automation, setting new standards of excellence in their operations.

Why Dive?

Dive stands out for its personalized approach and ability to develop AI solutions tailored to specific industry challenges. Our mission is to transform the operational processes of our clients, maximizing efficiency and productivity through innovation in artificial intelligence and robotics.

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