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Episode 13 Jon Ander Beracoechea BBVA

This Friday, we will have the opportunity to talk with Jon Ander Beracoechea, Chief Scientist at BBVA. Jon is a Telecommunications Engineer and holds a PhD from the Polytechnic University of Madrid.

Dive Data Sessions are a space created by Dive.tech on LinkedIn, with the aim of sharing knowledge and learning from outstanding professionals in advanced analytics and artificial intelligence. They are also part of our podcast, available on all podcasting platforms.

Jon Ander has led the Advanced Analytics discipline at BBVA for several years (bringing together more than 900 data scientists within the group). Among other things, Jon has been responsible for BBVA’s Generative AI Program and the group’s AI governance framework. He was the CEO of BBVA Data & Analytics (now BBVA AI Factory), the team responsible for developing the group’s most advanced data-related initiatives.

Before joining BBVA, Jon worked as an interest rate analyst in the Global Markets Division at Santander (2007-2011) and as an Assistant Director in the Quantitative Research Group at Moody’s Analytics in San Francisco (2011-2013).

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