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Episode 3 Francisco Martín CEO in BigML

We bring you a new episode of our podcast Dive Data Sessions.

This time, we have the opportunity to talk with Francisco Martín, Co-Founder and CEO of BigML and Accushoot. Francisco has been living in Corvallis, Oregon, for over 20 years, where he went to pursue his PhD at Oregon State University under the guidance of Thomas G. Dietterich.

After the first episode where we had a conversation with Pelayo Arbués, Head of Data Science at Idealista, and the second episode where we got to know Álvaro Ponte, VP of Data at BEONx, we now delve into the career of Francisco Martín. He is undoubtedly a pioneer in our country in the realm of tech entrepreneurship, particularly in bringing AI models into production. An example of his early ventures is the founding of iSOCO in 1999, the first spin-off from the IIIA-CSIC.

You’ll enjoy the conversation with Francisco, his clarity and transparency in conveying his vision about the current boom in Generative Artificial Intelligence, and his journey through all the companies he has founded and where he is now.

The unique aspect of this podcast is that it will always be created live during the sessions held every fifteen days in the audio rooms that LinkedIn allows us to create.

Thank you, Francisco!

Go, go, go!

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